Hiya there, fellow bro-barians.

This introduces my first formal blog post, so cue the music:

Let’s get digital…


As the digi-tern at Brokaw, I’ve been dissecting every metric of digital known to man. Basically, this calls for ingesting lots of alphabet soup such as CTR, CPA, CPC, CPM – OMG, LOL.

I have not come across any true intern “chores” thus far. Unless, you consider the hefty chore that is refilling Kate’s infamous candy jar.

I graduate next semester from Kent State University, majoring in Advertising, minoring in Marketing. Shameless plug: Kent State baseball has advanced to the College World Series, root for them this Saturday. (This is probably the most exciting KSU occurrence since ‘Nam.).

When I was only a wee sophmore at KSU, I was first introduced to Brokaw’s work. I bookmarked the website and have enjoyed stalking Brokaw in a socially acceptable manner ever since – the rest is history.

Interning at the “World’s Greatest Advertising Agency” sure has many perks. I have explored CLE, met some wonderful people, had my first TV debut, and have conveniently received a free t-shirt for each week I’ve been here so far. By the end of this summer I plan to stitch a quilt, so keep ‘em coming.

Until next time, keep livin’ the dream.