Freshly-minted copywriting intern Evan T. here, reporting for duty.  Since this is my first posting as a Brokawvite, I figured I’d introduce myself:

This is me by day.

By night, though, I look more like this.

I am a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, home of legendary advertising executive Jon Hamm.  At UT I study advertising, with a focus on copywriting.  And hey!  Whaddya know: Brokaw put me in their Words Department!

So far my favorite intern chore has been flagpole duty.  I have the honor of ascending to the top of Brokaw Tower, climbing the loose scaffolding and hoisting Old Glory on a daily basis.  Those Lake Erie winds really whip up at fifteen stories high, but I’ve managed to keep from falling most times.

I was drawn to Brokaw a few years back when they posted their moustache contest results on their webpage.  I even showed up to an interview en moustache, which the Brokaw brothers have graciously forgiven.  Lesson learned: nobody at Brokaw rocks the ‘stache anymore.

This week I also learned that Brokaw has a strict zero-tolerance policy on Myspace pictures.

You’ll hear plenty more from me in the coming weeks.  Sorry in advance.