Me: (Deant’e Lavender)

  • A recent graduate from Baldwin-Wallace College which is now Baldwin Wallace University (they lost the hyphen, added University and charged the same $36,000 a year.)
  • Major: English Minor: Public Relations
  • I watch approximately 5 movies a week (In the movie watching world, I must say that “I am kind of a big deal”)

While having the usual senior year anxiety (better known as “Oh God I know I could have done better but can you please get a brotha’ a job) about the “real world”, I began my application process! Without major delay I started to hear back from jobs but my success rate was pretty low. After the legit search for employment, I started contacting every person who sold me empty promises concerning job placement after college. I was scared to death of being a vagabond! Long story short, I was turned away from a few jobs because of experience (or lack there of) but at the last disappointing job interview someone told me that I would best fit a cool place called Brokaw. So, here I am ;-)!

My favorite chore/experience ranges between a photo shoot at the airport and a trip over the weekend to St. Louis on a Fazoli’s mission. Hmm??? Airport vs St. Louis;this seems like an easy choice but I have to explain:

We got a few shots of a guy with an amazing story:

  • Cancer Survivor
  • Motivational speaker
  • International Traveler
  • Author of multiple books
  • …did I forget to mention that he survived CANCER!

His hobbies included:

  • Watching dogs being blown to pieces
  • Telling TSA and airport police to “F*** off” which results in…
  • Getting kicked out of airports
  • Leaving time sensitive photo shoot to buy mini speakers for his computer

Ok, you’re right…St. Louis will be better!

Just in case we have not been formally introduced or you have forgotten who I am, this is me!