I will be graduating from Kent State University this December with a degree in marketing (Yes, our baseball team is Kentstoppable)! This summer I have the privilege to be one of the Account Services Interns, aka Erin’s new partner in crime! This past week I have had the utmost coveted task of making calls for the stops on the upcoming Fazoli’s Breadstick Tour…I know it’s crazy, but here’s Brokaw’s number; so call us maybe?
What brought me to Brokaw?
Before heading out into the big bad world that is ‘life after college’ I thought it best to get some experience under my belt. A close family friend gave me the heads up that Brokaw would be worth checking out, and now the rest is history! So far this experience has been jam packed with Brosomeness- cupcakes, happy dog, the zoo- not to mention our 15 seconds of fame on channel 8! I’m looking forward to what else Brokaw has up its sleeves, it’s going to be a great summer!