A professional looking mug of my face. Oh what the timeless wonders of the black and white camera effect can do for me.

A Tid Bit About Lisa Lorek:

  • SCHOOL: Back in May, I graduated from the University of Dayton with a BFA in Visual Communication Design.
    Translation: I’m entering the real world now, smart and broke.
  • POSITION: Brokaw has hired me to be the Art Director Intern, which has already entailed a grand array of projects and clients—and in just a week. I have acquired a nice stack of manilla folders on my desk, involving both print and web design work.
  • FAVORITE CHORE: It’s been a rough life on the Cinderella side of things. Two hour lunch breaks. A new Mac to work on. Cupcakes. Free t-shirts. A couple of segments on the local news. I don’t know where to begin…
  • FAVORITE AD: Back in high school, my friend introduced me to the Terry Tate ads for Reebok. I was instantly addicted. It was very quotable and can still make me laugh years and years later. “To be honest, I wish Reebok sent us 10 Terry Tates.”

First post done. GO THUNDER!