Well, we are at the end of week three.
Here’s my current state of being:

Typical, I go for Snow White, and end up looking like the snarky witch…

Brokaw is teaching me how to balance multiple projects, literally.
But I’m definitely not complaining!

Just this week I got to step away from the computer screen for a bit to build this:

Ok well…this spray booth might not look as fancy in this mupload (mobile upload), but I assure you, it’s the cat’s pajamas.


*Really rough photoshopping

There. That pretty much gets the point across.

Aside from building spray booths and finding random half eaten things to balance on my head, I actually have been working. This week, I got to listen to clients critique my work, design facebook graphics, and help out with a CLE airport installation.

Basically this has been me:

And I hope it stays that way!!!

BONUS QUESTION: What’s my spirit animal?
A wolf. It’s my favorite animal. And like a wolf, I don’t mind the cold and snow. I also feel more comfortable in groups. Us interns have formed a little wolf pack ourselves 🙂