For this post, I have chosen to illustrate my week in GIFs, in honor of one of the funniest blogs on the interweb: What Should We Call Me

So Monday was a jam-packed adventure. Us interns handed out freebies to all the busy business travelers. From 4am-6am we brewed coffee, and then at 6am-12pm we handed out coffee and newspapers representing CLE.

If you saw me there, I looked like this:

(click the image—it moves!)
I might have tried a little of the coffee…

The rest of the week I got to sit at Steve’s desk because he is out in L.A. for a video shoot.

When Gregg told me I could sit upstairs all week, I was a little excited:

After settling in, I got a couple more projects. But one in particular stood out. Very much so. I had to design a catering box for Fazoli’s with copy going every which direction, and it was due in less than 24 hours. There were roughly 40 lines and graphic elements that had to fit into the puzzle and look clean and cohesive, like good typography should be.

I sat at my desk trying to recall all the typography rules EVER:

 (Click image)
Good news: I have more time to finesse it!

So after week four, I’m finally getting a feel for everything about the ad world. However there is one thing I have a hard time realizing.

Whenever I design something on the first try,
I always expect everyone to be like:

However, it’s always, “It looks great! But…”

 (Click image)
Gives me motivation to work harder!

What’s your theme song?

My favorite place to be in the whole wide world is:

Close runners up are:
Here I Go Again — Whitesnake
Seven Nation Army — The White Stripes