CALLS! Please let me elaborate! I have been on a mission this entire week finding places in Lexington, Indianapolis, Greenwood, Evansville, Dayton, etc. for a truck with FRESH and FREE Fazoli’s breadsticks to stop for a giveaway! You will not guess how hard it is giving away free food to hungry people. I am going to give you great viewers a couple of examples of some responses I received and the answers I wish I would have given.

Caller 1: I have to call corporate to check to see if this “sort of work” is admissible!

Me: Sort of work!? Admissible!? Sir, are you watching Judge Judy on your break? I don’t care for your answer…Hang up the phone NOW!!!

Caller 2: Are you selling the breadsticks or anything else?

Me: No, everything is free!

Caller 2: Let me go check with my boss…No sir, you cannot SELL your FREE breadsticks here. Alright, Good day!

Me: HUH?? (Did he just hang up on me?)

I faced a few long days but there have been some great successes for the Fazoli’s Food Truck tour! 12 more cities and 6 more weeks! Bring em’ on!

PS: I have officially adopted one of Fazoli’s slogans:

Due to my tasks this week, this is my theme song!