Intern Evan back again, reporting on yet another week of  Bromazingness!

This week I awoke at the crack of 2:30am to head down to Business Traveler Appreciation Day at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.  We interns passed out coffee, newspapers, and smiles to the loyal jet-setters who roam the terminals of CLE.

To lift spirits in the early morning, I did my patented “5am jig”.

It wasn’t appreciated nearly as much as the coffee.  Ingrates.

But once the sun came up and the travelers came out, things really started to roll.  Did you know that I ran into Lil’ John in Terminal C?!?

Little John and I.

Wait, wrong one.

Little John and I.

One more try here:

Little John and I.

Well, I got the Little John part right.

Actually, for the record, it’s Lil’ John.  He’s one half (by quantity; one third by height) of “Big Chuck and Lil’ John”, a late-night comedy duo from Cleveland.  When I was younger I’d stay up way too late and stumble across their program.  Then I’d become too frightened to go to sleep at all.

Just listen to that creepy laughter…

FACT: Lil’ John has made about 42,000 times more money from his TV repair business than with his on-screen TV business, especially with the way the Browns have played lately the past 17 years.

“What would your theme song be?”

Good question, week.  I’d say my theme song is “Heaven Can Wait” by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck.  Not because of anything specifically stated in the song itself, but rather because the video so closely resembles my own life.

It’s uncanny.