This is not like school! When there was  3 day week in school kids were exstaic because it meant 2 days without work! Those days made me feel good…real good! Now I am covinced that the world is corrupt. Why you ask?? Here is the equation for this week:

d=days at work

Typically: 2d+3d=5d                  This Week 2d+3d= 3d                  Which means: 5d=3d

Understand?! These “real world” people actually do more work when they have days off! I know right…

No seriously, this week was filled with a lot of great experiences! I got the chance to talk to a lot of people in different cities concerning the Fazoli’s food truck tour and people had open arms for the warm breadsticks. I have a few new projects to look forward to which is going around in my PJ’s telling people to eat pancakes at night and giving little kids candy and asking which flavor they like most! The Brokaw journey is moving fast but I must say that this is THE BEST JOBS EVER!

Signing Out!