This past Wednesday we Americans marked a truly special, momentous day:  The one-month anniversary of the Brokaw interns’ start date!

That facial expression means “thank you, Brokaw interns!”

To celebrate, I’d like to take a look back on all I’ve learned since.

Remember June 4th, 2012?  Those were some crazy times.  Pop culture was so strange – what were we thinking?

Ah, yes.  I was just a young lad back then and didn’t know the first thing about advertising.  Luckily my awesome Words department buddies took me under their collective wing and showed me how it’s done, Brokaw style.

From Top: Mark, Trish, and Aaron.

They gave me a workstation and daily production quota of 2,000 words.  Each day I work hard to come up with new and exciting words to use in advertising – words like “crustastache”, “obligathon” and “lipofunction” – words that really encompass what our clients are trying to sell.

These words then pass through quality control where they’re examined on a 16-point quality scale before heading down to assembly.

Our words assembly line.

At Brokaw, we refer to assembled strings of words as “sentences” for some reason.  These “sentences” go next to the art department, where our craftspeople laboriously match “sentences” to relevant images.  When everything gets matched up and ready to go, our Creative Director Steve will give us the go-ahead or no-go-ahead to proceed.

Our patient boss.

If approved, our finished advertisements will then get loaded by barge or by train and sent across the world.  Fancy that!

Brokaw Outbound Terminal #5

This job sure isn’t easy, but it certainly has its rewards.  When I see a family sitting down at the dinner table together, enjoying an advertisement I helped make, I can’t help but smile knowing that I had a hand in their shared joy.

Satisfied Brokaw customers.

That’s a satisfaction you can’t buy with money.