Ye olde Fourth of July.

How did us red-blooded Americans best honor Independence day?

In the same fashion that our founding fathers celebrated:

  why Tweeting, of course.

America tweets!

Despite what some may think, communicating in 140 characters is not the end of civilization as we know it:

It is, in fact, a glimpse into the future of connecting.

At its heart, Twitter is just a communication tool. Like the Internet, the phone and the telegram before it, it’s just a tool to let one person connect with another.

Wireless communication.

In my first month here at Brokaw, I’ve learned how Twitter builds relationships with customers.

For example: take one of Brokaw’s current projects, the Fazoli’s Breadstick Tour.

We can see here how Twitter helped pay respectful honors to America and Fazoli’s all at once:

While all of us are out and about on a holiday, social media allows us to stay centrally connected in ways like never before.

Take a look at my personal highlights from Twitter this past July 4th:

And last but not least:

A shameless plug for not only myself, but for the best TV offer of all time, the Snuggie.

Until next time, keep calm and carry on.

Or this:

Breadstick revolution.