Greetings, and thanks for sticking around to peep another post of mine.

In order to get through yet another jam packed week, the digital team drafted a 3-page hefty to-do list.

Our tasks also forced us to call upon the power of the almighty gnome.

“Oh No! We have to get a lot of stuff done this week!” is right.

According to scientific research, most gnomes are:

-7 times stronger than a man,
-can run at speeds of 35 miles per hour,
-have better sight than a hawk…

Gnome forest creatures

They’re also really great at doing office work.

They get along terrifically with our fellow bro-creatures, and helped work overtime to get our list completed.

As always, it’s been another wild week at Brokaw, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Question of the Week: What is a fun fact about yourself?

I have several fun facts about myself.
in any particular order:

1) I insist on setting my alarm clock for odd numbers ie: 6:17, 8:33, 10:49
2) I can recite the entire Preamble to the Constitution. (I prefer to sing it)
3) When doing laundry, I really enjoy picking the lint out of the filter.

With all of the above being said, please don’t judge me too much.
Have a great weekend.

**Spoiler alert!**

Stay tuned next week to read about me attempting to pull an airplane with my bare hands, and frolicking around CLE in my PJ’s.

2 birds with 1 stone