Business proffesional would come speak to my Level 400 Persuasive Campaigns class and tell you that we were not ready for the life in an Ad Agency and that school did not prepare us to deal with the “real worl”. They said that it was a lot of hard work and if you did not have the ability to multitask and get things done then you would sink!

My Week:

  • Make Fazoli’s Food Truck Tour calls to St. Louis and its surrounding suburbs
  • Find Daycares that surrounded the Bob Evans in Northeast Ohio
  • Finding a trendy topic (no twitter) for the office to know and learn more about
  • Street teaming and giving away candy to young men 15yr-21yr
  • Setting up an internet based survey that would go out to hundreds of moms all across the nation
  • Tallying up those results from the young men and mom survey
  • I can go on but I choose not too…

All I was trying to say is that the Brokaw interns are doing a lot and beating the odds that were stacked against us!

Just want to give a shout out to my interning buddies because I feel like we are kicking behind!

More fun to come next…wait until you hear what I have in store!