Goals. We all have them.

Some people aspire to climb Mount Everest, to skydive, or to consume outrageous quantities of food.

For myself, I like to keep my goals simple and to the point.

No sandcastles were harmed in the making of this Bucket List.

Thanks to Brokaw, I was able to cross a few things off the ol’ Bucket List this week.

For example, on Saturday we volunteered for the Cleveland Hopkins 3rd Annual Plane Pull for the Special Olympics.


We threw out our backs for a good cause, and I had the rush of pulling a Boeing 737 with my bare hands: Check.

I also made my 2nd personal TV debut for the summer: Check.

On Thursday, we visited Fox 8 News at the crack o’ five in the morning.

We were given strict instructions to arrive in our pajamas and be ready to work.

Ralphie has a poor attitude.

While at Fox 8, we partnered with Bob Evans to hand out free breakfast and coffee to people in their cars.

Be a fully functioning member of society while dressed in my pajamas: Check!

No woofs about it

Overall, it’s been quite the rewarding week here at Brokaw.

As we all know, major life accomplishments can been quite motivational:

Until next week, keep living the dream.