Furry belly. Chin strap. Floppy ears. Sweating profusely. What am I talking about you ask??? The “Biscuit” dog suit (One of Bob Evans mascots) that I wore when I helped with a promo for Bob Evans. On Thursday morning I rose before the sun peered through my bedside window; I felt like I could take on the world. I hopped out of bed even happier because I knew that I could go to work in my pajamas and not get the side eye from the Brokaw Bros when they passed my desk. I jumped in my car and drove 86 mph on the freeway until I reached Fox 8. The work began! We passed out bread and coffee for 5 STRAIGHT HOURS (this is a great place for a war cry). We gave away free breakfast and made people happy…that’s the life in an ad agency!

Monday I had a meeting with a few Bob Evans managers, where they stuffed me with hotcakes for breakfast, lunch and an evening snack. BEST DAY EVER! I don’t know about you but I felt like this! Without complaint, my week finished up with Fazoli’s calls and the planning of a three-week long street team event. Someone told me that you work to have fun in advertising; this week has proven that statement to be true. I am having a blast at Brokaw.

Question of the week: Who would play you in a movie?:

I picked Lance Gross. I think he is a cool guy, that can play funny and serious roles when needed.