On Saturday, July 14, I had the opportunity to be a part of the 3rd Annual Cleveland Plane Pull® to benefit Special Olympics Ohio, hosted by Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Team Brokaw rallied a robust 20-person group to see how fast we could pull a 150,000 lbs Boeing 737.  Even though an impressive 9.05—second time didn’t position us as first place, we had a blast!

Check out these guns!

Only thing missing was Lisa!

This week could have been two weeks rolled into one with all that we had going on. As an intern it has been a privilege to have such a multitude of hands-on experiences with client projects.

Thursday was an especially unique experience as we were up and at it again before the sun had even risen! FOX8 hosted the kickoff event for the Bob Evans Upside-Down Days promotion, as we handed out free coffee and delicious banana nut and blueberry bread.  Even the Indians Slider stopped by!

Needless to say, there’s never a dull moment at Brokaw!

The Dream Team! (get it?!)

It’s not often that wearing pajamas to work is a requirement. In light of this rare and special occasion, I’ll share this gem:

Question of the Week:

Which actor/actress would you choose to portray you on the big screen?

Jennifer Aniston, naturally. Her girl-next-door demeanor makes her the perfect fit, although I merely dream of duplicating the look of those luscious locks!