The highlight of this week was handing out FREE breakfast to daily commuters and fellow Clevelanders. We were stationed at FOX8 and passed out a hot cup of coffee and delicious blueberry and banana nut bread to promote Bob Evan’s Upside Down Days. Our “Dream Team” (get it?), worked so hard that by the time we got back to Brokaw…

The rest of the week has gone by smoothly. I still am getting the riveting opportunity of working on multiple projects for different clients and constantly staying busy. It’s getting exciting because my biggest project is getting closer and closer to the production stages where it will be out in THE REAL WORLD. Yes, these things are exciting, especially after four years of designing personal projects for professors where only they get to witness my creative genius…

…err…something close to that at least.

In other news, I missed out on the annual Plane Pull at CLE! Although, this might have a been a plus for Brokaw because there is no way I could have assisted in pulling an actual plane. Luckily, my co-workers did not forget about me, for I was there in spirit to cheer them on.


Which actor/actress would you choose to portray you on the big screen?

Emma Roberts. Oh look, she already knows how to cradle for the lacrosse scenes.