Because I like to be thought of by others as a solipsistic, curmudgeonly misanthrope I always say that my birthday is my favorite holiday.  My birthday falls between Christmas and New Year’s, but I contend that the creation of me is a far more important event.

My childhood mentors.

But if I’m truly honest with myself, I think I get a bigger kick out of New Year’s than I do any other holiday.


Because on New Year’s everyone puts aside their differences, if only for a few hours, to simply have a good time.

Complaining, fault-finding, and grudges all give way to a celebration of a new year – another year of existence where we strive to be better than we were before.  Where I’d normally see an endless stream of Facebook updates about which political candidate is really Satan or how someone who tailgated you on the highway should be murdered or how a rude salesclerk demonstrates just how stupid and inept and moribund the entire human race is, I instead see messages of congratulations, happiness, and hopefulness.  It’s a rare but welcomed period of unity.

The only other event I can think of that approaches the same level of goodwill as New Year’s would have to be the Olympic Games: one more occasion where hope edges out despair, people generally get along, and we all try to just have a good time.

It seems that marketers feel the same way, too, creating advertising that speaks to the best in us during these times of Olympic-ness.  There are ads that attempt to evoke the greatness within us,

that encourage us to cheer as one,

and that aim to just plain amp you the f up.

Some are cutesy,

some are downright WTF-ey,

and some are simply sublime.

All of them aim to inspire the viewer to do something, beyond just buying laundry detergent or a Big Mac or a new pair of sneakers, and that’s pretty cool in my blog.


Who is your favorite superhero or villain?

Like I said, I enjoy being thought of as a miserly, crotchety cantankersaur, so my favorite superhero/villain is naturally C. Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons.  He’s a real people person.

My expression when I nail the perfect headline.