When I first started “The coolest internship EVER” a.k.a my internship at Brokaw, I thought that 10 weeks would be enough to time to come in a get the experience that I was looking for. Although the experience was great, I am bummed out that it is coming to an end. It is cool to hear that our experience as interns trumps all other intern experiences. I feel that Brokaw has provided me with a set of skills that I can take to any agency and have an edge on people that are starting in advertising.

Enough of the mushy stuff!

This week we finished the Bob Evans Street teaming and it was a great end. A manager told us that after moms heard about the great deal, they were coming in four times a week for free food. I REPEAT: 4 TIMES A WEEK!!!!Good to know we impacted the city in such a great way. Of course, Fazoli’s calls are never done because Feed the Children wants to get into a lot of the major cities across the nation. Spreading a message about stopping children hunger and providing people with a breadstick was a genius idea. It is that type of “streative” advertising that sets Brokaw apart from other agencies.