I have said this a million times, and I still believe it to be true, but the reason I like graphic design is because I get to learn about an enormous range of topics. Lo and behold, I had to concept and design a promo that was centered around football. I might be athletic to some degree, but football is about as familiar to me as the planet Saturn.

When I showed my work to my supervisors, I was all like:

They were like:

I didn’t know the X’s and O’s had to face a certain direction…

In other news, the highlight of this week was getting free root beer floats at the beginning of an awesome presentation. To quote the great Belinda Carlisle, “Ou, heaven is a place on Earth”.

Also, I have been doing a good job of utilizing the recycle bin. According to my calculations, I’ve increased the contributions by 30%.

Literally thought I broke my back trying to lift that thing.