Last post as an official Brokaw Intern! All the employees here have given me extraordinary advice and have made the past 10 weeks the most fun I’ve had while learning about the professional world. A special shout out to the creatives for teaching me the tricks of the trade.

I think I’m ready to take on the ad world.

This week was quite an adventure. I can barely read my timesheet because of all the projects I dabbed into. For the bulk of the week, I got to work on one of my favorite projects so far! Just when things are going well, it got even better. Wednesday was Brokaw’s very own Senior Skip Day. This entailed free tickets to the Cleveland Indian’s Game.

Work is getting unrealistically fun.

(Please click image if it’s not moving)

This internship has been the perfect bridge between school and the real world. For future Brokaw Interns and all else interested, talk to everyone, ask questions, stay busy no matter what, and don’t take things “too” seriously.

Thanks for everything, Brokaw!