A Day in the Life of Heather Phillips:


As the Digital Media Brotern this summer, I have had an exciting start. From running around the streets of downtown Cleveland with Captain RTA to accompanying Katie at a breakfast conference, my intern tasks have been anything but typical. (Not to mention my two hour lunch break with the Brokaw bros.)

However, after stalking the “World’s Greatest Advertising Agency” for the past year, I must say that I knew this internship would be brokawesome.

brokawesome [ bro.kawe.some ] adjective – extremely impressive and extraordinary with a Brokaw twist

Also during my first, action-packed week at Brokaw, I believe I have officially become a coffee drinker—consequently I prefer the world’s worst coffee, which Brokaw has proudly served since 1992.


Ok, now for some background…

I am a proud Ohio University alumna and recent E.W. Scripps School of Journalism graduate. After making the switch from quarters to semesters, I was in the first graduating class to leave the Journalism School with a degree in Strategic Communications (AKA Advertising and Public Relations combined).

At 22 years young, I am curious to discover what the agency world has to offer. I have been looking forward to this opportunity since I received a phone call from Kate offering me the position. Breaking into the “real world” doesn’t seem so bad when you have Brokaw and the wonderful people that work here to help you.

Always ready to learn and grow, this Brotern will be in touch!