I successfully made it through week three as a Brotern!  Since my last post, I worked on Smokey Bones’ online presence, researched potential clients, attended kick start meetings for Vitamix and Neuro Sleep and made 100,047 calls for the Breadsticks for Hunger Tour; all while monging at Happy Dog, eating bagels and muffins on Friday mornings and creeping on pictures and videos of Zorina’s new kitten.   Here is what I learned:

–          Kathy has a candy stash on her desk.

–          Zorina’s kitten is stinkin’ cute and potentially an undercover bobcat.

–          How to get the attention of the head of marketing at the Kansas City Zoo with an urgent email.

–          You have to pay to be on about.com.

–          The broad view of the overall process at Brokawville.

–          Happy Dog is awesome, but too many toppings does indeed result in a food coma and upset stomach.

Best of all, the week ended strong.  Seconds before the Kansas City schedule was due (literally) I got permission for the Breadstick Tour to stop at the Kansas City Zoo on a day that they are expecting 20,000 visitors.  Woo WOOO!  I did a dance just like this all around the office.