Courtesy of the 4th of July and the generous Brokaw bros, this week was short (only three days long woo woo) and sweet.  I continued my bombard-age of poor souls in the name of the Breadsticks for Hunger Tour this time in Lincoln, Nebraska and Wichita, Kansas.  The already short week was broken up even more with an internal Halftime Report on Tuesday that included pizza (another woo woo).  Woo woos aside, I’m glad I was here to listen to the Halftime Report.  It was very cool to hear about the past year of Brokaw endeavors and future goals.  Here is a little tid bit hint at what is to come from Brokaw:

Then just as the short week was wrapping up we had an ice cream party for Katie Riley (Happy Marriage!) (and another woo woo) and then the Brokaws closed the office at 3 p.m. (last woo woo, count ‘em that’s four).  Thanks for an awesome, short, woo woo filled week Brokaw!