The halfway point of the best internship in the world has quickly come and gone—and this brotern has a great deal to report. Since my last post, I have been super busy with brokawesome tasks including:

• Learning more about the greatest ad agency in the world (aka Brokaw, duh) at the Internal Halftime Report
• Celebrating Katie’s marriage with an ice cream social
• Enjoying a long holiday weekend
• Drinking Lake Erie Monster (courtesy of the Brokaw bros.)
• Attending lunch meetings with Pandora
• Helping out at a shoot for (where really I watched improv comedy and got paid for it, but shhhhh)
• Preparing myself for a night out, which will include dinner and an Indians game
• Hitting the gym, so that I don’t let team Brokaw down at the Plane Pull this Saturday
• Performing magic (ok…“illusions”) around the office with Kate and Zorina

Along with all of that brokawesomeness, it has been crazy busy around the office. I think it is safe to say I have hit a point of my internship where I have been able to really get a taste of the agency world. From start of work meetings to pitches, these past couple weeks have truly been an eye opener.

Throughout my college career, working at an agency has appealed to me. Despite the fast-paced, stressful world of advertising, I was eager to break into agency life. And let me tell you, I can now say that I have experienced that fast-paced work environment that I had been expecting.

Good sign!—I haven’t been scared off yet! Of course it helps having an agency like Brokaw ease you into the crazy world of advertising. The people at Brokaw have a work hard, play hard attitude. It is amazing to be part of an environment where people understand the importance of balancing hard work with pleasure.