Six whole crazy weeks have passed.  This week was crazy busy and had an infusion of Brokawesome-ness on hump day.  I spent part of the week continuing my quest to plan the stops for the Breadsticks for Hunger Tour.  Then on Wednesday the other interns and I got to venture out to Coventry to help with the filming of a social media video series.  I spent the day cracking up laughing at the talent who were Brokawesome comedians, choosing goofy silk and footie pajamas for the comedians to wear in the videos and eating Dunkin’ Donuts and Jimmy Johns.  Needless to say the only strenuous part of the day was carrying an ice bag up the steps to keep the pop cold.  I learned some cool stuff about production and to always take the opportunity to be around comedians because they constantly spout off a steady stream of jokes.  Despite my best creative efforts, the best picture I could think to share was a picture actually from the shoot, however I unfortunately did not take any pictures.  This is the best I can find to portray my Wednesday experience.

I take my hat off to the comedians from the shoot; reality was actually funnier than anything I could dig up on YouTube.