I am taking a break from telling the tale of Fazoli’s Breadstick Tour planning this week to remind everyone (and maybe myself) how cool Cleveland and Ohio are.

Harry M. Stevens invented the hot dog in Ohio in 1900.  Thanks to him we now enjoy places like Happy Dog where you are only cool if your hot dog has more toppings than you can count on your fingers.

hot dogs

Cleveland went tech savvy in 1879 when it became the world’s first city to be lighted electronically…

…and then again in 1914 when we were the first city in America to put up a traffic light.  Take that California, (home of the Apple innovation genius Steve Jobs and Apple headquarters).

In Cleveland it is illegal to leave chewing gum in public places.

Ohio was the first to enact laws to protect working women.  Thanks Ohio, rock on girls.

The first day of deer hunting season and “I am in 4H and have to take my cow to the county fair” are viable reasons for kids to be absent from school.


We are the home to:


Charles Ramsey


great food and childhood memories,


one of the most respected hospitals in the nation,

cle clinic

and die-hard, freaking awesome, tailgating Cleveland fans.


Rock on Cleveland.

Courtesy of BuzzFeed and 50states.com.