These past two weeks of the broternship have taught me exactly how much rush hour sucks. But, luckily this internship rocks and looking forward to my day keeps me sane on my way in from Hudson. In the mere two weeks I’ve been here I have learned more about the advertising industry than I thought possible. The broternship has also taught me that advertising really is its own little world with its own language. I’m coming to realize that everything talked about is an acronym for something. My lovely supervisor, Kate, was even kind enough to put together a list of terms and abbreviations that would help me. Here are some of the things I learned about so far:

1. Ad network
2. Landing page
3. CTR = click through rate
4. KPI = key performance indicator
5. IO = insertion order
6. PA = purchase agreement
7. CTA = call to action
8. Line item reporting = looking at what targeting is performing best
9. Creative reporting = looking at what creative is performing best
10. AOR = Agency of record
11. CTR = click through rate
12. CPM = cost per thousand
13. CLW = campaign launch worksheet
14. MA = media authorization
15. RFP = request for proposal
16. CPA = cost per action

I’ve also learned how to create IOs, campaign launch worksheets, and many more of the documents needed for digital.
All in all, I’ve been having a great time and really enjoying being at Brokaw.

I’m looking forward to all that is to come this summer!