I think it’s safe to say that there are two things on the top of our minds right now: advertising (duh, it’s what we do) and the World Cup (flashback to Thursday’s lunch break). So, I’m going to share some stuff about advertising during the World Cup! Yay FIFA (which my mom the other day pronounced “fie-fuh”…parents).

The partners of the 2014 FIFA World Cup are Coca Cola, Adidas, Hyundai, Kia Motors, Emirates, Sony, and Visa. Budweiser, Castrol, Continental, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Moy Park, OI, and Yingli are the FIFA World Cup Sponsors.

Social media is expected to rake in even more revenue than the traditional media sectors. Adidas is launching its biggest campaign yet in order to support itself as a World Cut Sponsor, and has decided to put more dollars toward digital and social marketing than traditional. “It’s not about a need to do ‘the big TV ad’,” says Tom Ramsden, global brand marketing director for Adidas football. “This will undoubtedly be the most social World Cup ever and probably the most social event in history.”

A fun fact: there have been more tweets about the World Cup before that ball had even been kicked than there was throughout the entire tournament in 2010.

Another fun fact: three matches have already had a higher number of tweets-per-second than the London Olympic Games.

This tournament is an interesting advertising opportunity: since the game consists of two 45 minute continuous halves, the only opportunity for broadcast comes at halftime, driving advertisers to social and digital spaces. These short broadcast spaces are super duper inflated and global sponsorship packages sold out years in advance. With each of the eight sponsors paying $75 million, that’s equal to almost twenty 30 second Super Bowl spots. Each sponsor gets a minimum of 1,120 video insertions including 451 30-second TV commercials, hundreds of mentions with visuals when announcers are talking about the games, and 359 5-second commercials.

Here are seven brands that nailed their World Cup ads (if you haven’t seem them already):

  (McDonalds / DDB)

 (Kia / David & Goliath)

 (Adidas / TBWA, Chiat, Day)

 (Hyundai / INNOCEAN USA)

(Visa / Almap BBDO)

 (Nike / W&K)