With the end of this week marking the half way point of my internship at Brokaw, I see it only fitting to share 5 short stories about some of the experiences I’ve had over the last 5 weeks.

1. Brokaw Bag Prez

Corrine and I had the opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves to the entire agency on our second week here. We shared the blah blah about us and some things that make us pretty cool.

Capture 4

2. Sharing is Caring

I was lucky enough to start my internship right around the time our creative team was briefed on a margarita brand. Being able to sit in on the initial briefing was such a learning experience and it only got better as work progressed. Creative then came back with 4 strong ideas that were pitched to the client. A few days later I got to sit in on the client’s feedback. Having the opportunity to observe the process has been so interesting and I’m learning so much just by experiencing these day-to-day meetings.

3. Interviews at the Brush

I had the opportunity to sit in on 2 brand explorations with employees at a paint brush and roller company in order to learn more about its brand personality, positioning and promise. I got to observe how to conduct a workshop and learned how to make it fun in order to understand who the core of the brand may [or may not] be.

Capture 2

4. The lunch time report

Last Thursday the whole office was given a free pass to take a long lunch at Barley House on w.6th to watch the USA vs. Germany game. Although USA couldn’t pull off the W it was still awesome getting to take a short break from my desk, hang out with coworkers, and enjoy some tasty appetizers. Thanks Brokaw Bros!


5. The dream team!

Corrine and I were assigned a project by Joe and Jackie last week to do a competitor analysis for a client. We got to drive all around Cleveland stopping at various restaurants, scoping out the competition. It was pretty fun getting to get out of the office and be a spy for two days!