With the super unique and buzz-worthy billboard that the creative team has come up with for the GE campaign, it got me interested so I started looking at other out of the box, above and beyond boards that have created quite a bit of buzz. Here are some cool ones that I found.

  • A series of billboards that double as advertisements and two bedroom apartments for the homeless! Because of the pre-existing space in between the boards (that each face a different direction of oncoming traffic) and wiring for electricity, why not make use of the space, right?



  • These British Airways digital billboards detect when planes fly over them. They even know flight numbers, and destinations 




  • These OOH ads that are ready for summer. The soft-drink maker L&P from New Zealand gave away summer gear to remind people to quite literally “hold onto summer”



  • This Pedigree bus shelter is looking out for your dog. To help promote Pedigree Chicken + Rice dry food with prebiotics, BBDO created this bus shelter that dispenses doggy business bags



  • This bus shelter that lets everyone uncover something as if they were an archaeologist. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago employed this scratch-off buss shelter to promote its new exhibit The Way of the Shovel



  • This disaster movie billboard is one that you definitely can’t miss. The idea was to mimic the idea of Manhattan being underwater, complete with a replica of the Empire State Building further out in the water



Here are a bunch more if you’re interested:



Just thought these were cool and figured I’d share!