I’m starting this post with an obvious statement: social media has become the center of our universe (don’t deny it) and as we’re actively in that space, advertisers must be there as well.

I’ve decided to highlight some awesome social media campaigns and touch on how much it benefited the brands:

  • National Geographic India’s “My Nat Geo Covershot” which was launched on Facebook and allowed fans the opportunity for their photos to appear on the cover of National Geographic. Followers had to upload their photos  and caption it, entering them in the contest. They also had the chance to win travel packages. This garnered over 18K photos like this:

This earned National Geographic 3.8 million additional likes even though it wasn’t a requirement for the contest.

  • Sam Adams’ HeliYUM beer that they promoted through YouTube…on April Fool’s Day (I smell trouble). Sam Adams posted this video to introduce its “radical, extreme new beer” with a new secret ingredient…helium. This elicited over a half million views by the end of the month. I wonder how many of these viewers went to the store to find this magical helium beer? *face palm*
  • Oreo launched an #OreoSnackHacks where Viners can create and post their 6-second “snack hacks” using Oreos. This was so successful that Oreo turned this into a web series. Here’s an Oreo Snack Hack: 
  • Johnson’s Baby Canada held a contest in which contestants would enter their baby’s photo on Johnson Baby Canada’s Facebook page in order to win a chance for their baby’s photo to be placed on their website. This contest tripled their Facebook following in 3 weeks, garnered more than 1 million visits to the application page, more than 3.5 million photo views, and over half a million votes

  • Samsung’s Like it, Reveal it, Win in promotion via Facebook involved weekly giveways that incentivized users to regularly participate and invite friends to join. After they liked Samsung TV’s Facebook page, users entered to win the current giveaway by unlocking pixels which can be done by recommending the contest to friends.  The more pixels unlocked, the better chances the user has to uncover and win the prize. This campaign is different than most in that in constantly engages users with the brand and with the contest. Instead of entering once and never returning to the page, users are engaged on a weekly basis and gives them a reason to invite their friends to the contest too. This garners more than 12,000 Facebook friends (which was its main KPI) within the first week and a half and continued to grow throughout the campaign. 
  • Domino’s UK “Tweet for Cheap Pizza” campaign via Twitter involved followers tweeting at Domino’s using the hashtag #letsdolunch. With every tweet, Domino’s reduced the price of their pizza by o.o1 pound. The starting price was 15.99 pounds and by the end of the lunch campaign, the price of pizza was 7.74 pounds. This garnered the attention of 85,000 tweets.

All in all, these are some benefits of social media marketing:

  1. 61% better communication with customers
  2. 51% cost savings
  3. 49% better brand positioning
  4. 48% more real-time customer satisfaction
  5. 43% better potential lead-generation.

Woo social.

Happy Friday