By definition guerrilla advertising is an unconventional marketing strategy that catches the consumer by surprise and makes a high energy, memorable impression compared to traditional media. This style of marketing is usually intended to reach a large audience on a low budget. People tend to remember things that catch their attention and separate from the everyday clutter.

Here are some guerrilla marketing campaigns that definitely stood out from the traditional everyday print ad or radio spot.



The bigger the shock value the most successful your guerrilla marking campaign will be and this HBO Sopranos tactic definitely has some serious shock value. This campaign plays into the theme of the show, crime. Having an arms dangling out of the back of multiple cabs all around a city caused people to take a second look and start the conversation.



A local farmers market was looking to make a statement during the winter months when business was slower. A guerrilla marketing campaign was hatched with the idea to hang a dozen juicy red apples off of tree branches that had gone bare. Each apple was marked with a sticker advertising the farmers market and its fresh-never-frozen produce. The free incentive not only brought color to tree lined streets it also gave this market’s advertising a “fresh” new look.



The World Wildlife Foundation needed to make a statement in order to raise awareness about the diminishing panda population in the world. At the time there were only 1,600 pandas left, so WWF made 1,600 paper-mache pandas and placed them throughout Paris. This was a more emotional campaign that let people see for themselves how small the current panda population had diminished. The WWF raised concern for the possibility that pandas could potentially become extinct with this visual guerrilla marketing campaign.