Disclaimer: this post is ’bout to get sentimental. Read at your own risk.

I was beside myself with excitement when I learned that I would be a joining Brokaw for the summer. I’ve known for a while that working at an ad agency is what I want to do, but I was never (still not) exactly sure what I want to do in one. Before I started, I had a few informational sessions with agencies around Ohio and I thought I wanted to go into Account Services. When I got the digital and social media internship, I was excited to see if maybe that was where I want to be. Low and behold, I grew a love for media. I love the planning aspect and the fact that it incorporates some creativity in order to find just the right placements for the client.

Not only was the work fun, but the people….the people are incredible. From the beginning, everyone has been so welcoming and so kind to Ellie and I. I can’t thank you all enough for taking me under you wing and making me feel like I was a true part of the team. I have had some great teachers and amazing mentors here (special shout out to the media team and Renee) who have impacted my life in the best of ways. I have learned so much from this experience and I am forever grateful!

Hm. The word/picture ratio is a bit off…here’s a picture.

There, that’s better. Now back to me being mushy.

This internship has truly spoiled me. Apparently it’s not normal for the CEOs to open a tab at Barley House multiple times for everyone in office? Dang. And I guess it’s also unheard of for the CEOs to also throw a company wide pub crawl. Hm. I am surely counting my lucky stars for being able to work at a place that condones so much…fun.

With that said, my broternship has definitely been one to remember. I will truly miss this place and everyone in it!

Happy Friday!