Blogs are confusing. I feel like a grandpa. Anyways, finally got this whole bloggy situated. We’re going to keep it casual this first (second?) week.

Here’s three things about me:

  1. I have a BFA from Kent State’s VCD program
  2. Being a tour guide was the best 3 years of my life (I talk too much).
  3. I come from the greatest, loudest, Italian/Hungarian wine-o family.

More exciting than that:  Here’s ten things I learned in my 1st(ish) week:

  1. The walk from the parking pit feels steeper every. single. day.
  2. It’s better to just stop trying to associate traffic patterns with specific weekdays.
  3. Ringing a bicycle bell is one of the most satisfying feelings.
  4. Constantino’s is the best [affordable] lunch destination (so far).
  5. There’s a dungeon below the office where all the previous (bad) broterns are caged.
  6. Vitamix blenders must be forged by wizards.
  7. Labeling inDesign files correctly / saving them in the correct place involves concentration.
  8. Mayflies (or whatever they are) love flying into your mouth (talking outdoors = not smart).
  9. Coffee + 16ft. spiral staircase = also a bad idea.
  10. Brokaw IS the world’s best ad agency.

peace & love to whomever reads this,
Dan K.