What a three weeks it has been!  Working in this amazing place and discovering all Brokaw has to offer has totally opened my eyes to what the ad world can be.  And it’s only just beginning?  Sign me up!  Oh wait, already here … wow.  I’m HERE???  How in the world!

A handful of different clients to work on every day, a fun, sunlit, high-ceiling office, and the friendliest people?  I honestly don’t know how I didn’t find Brokaw sooner.  This place already feels like the home away from home i’ve yearned for ever since I completed college and left Kent.  And the staff here has treated us like family, happily greeting us with warm smiles and meaningful words.

One of my favorite parts (other than blending a new smoothie almost every day) has been getting the chance to interview coworkers nearly every day for our internviews.  Getting the chance to hear how unique everyone’s life path has been for them gives me optimism to face whatever my unpredictable future may hold.
I’ll leave you readers with a quote.

“you can meet somebody tomorrow who has better intentions for you than someone you’ve known forever … time means nothing … character does.”

This rings true as I look at the extraordinarily talented individuals working beside me, all pumping with the same team-driven passion that courses through my veins now.  These people care.  They care about the potential of each and every brand to be the very best it can be, speak the clearest message it can, make the most impact with the fewest words.  Most importantly, they love the agency they work for.  As do I.