When my brother, Mikey, was eight he sat our mom down and asked her pointblank if Santa Claus was real. Shocked by the truth, he continued to probe: what about the Easter Bunny? The Tooth Fairy? GOD?!

Lying is easy.

That’s why at Brokaw, I like how we produce exceptionally honest work. We have full faith in every idea we present to clients because we’ve done our homework. I’ve noticed that the hardest part of strategy isn’t finding good answers and backing them up with research; it’s finding the truth in a brand and allowing the research to speak for itself. Whether that is a campaign idea or a recommendation, every angle matters. The only cringe-worthy ideas are the ones filled with clichés and falsities.

As I continue to grow at Brokaw and in Cleveland, I’m reminded that the most authentic, outstanding concepts are the ones we scrutinize, debate and challenge until they are indubitably genuine.