Today marks the end of week nine at Brokaw and I think it’s time to share a little update of all the projects (that I can remember) I’ve had my hands in for the last nine weeks:

  • Designs and animations of digital banner ads for 4 businesses
  • Learned Flash
  • Co-designing the annual AAF CLE Volleyball flyer with my other half here at Brokaw, the insanely-talented Dan
  • Redrawing some old logos for a video
  • Mocking up some awesome POS displays
  • Designs for posters and other launch materials for a well-know Cleveland brand
  • Brainstormed a lot of ideas for multiple clients needing help with names for new products and places
  • Designed a billboard
  • Began to teach myself a new coding language
  • Helped out with creating some fun visual riddles for a scavenger hunt
  • Put together a few decks for pitch meetings
  • Designed a website refresh for a new client
  • Helped develop the branding identity of a new business
  • Worked on designs for a huge annual report presentation
  • Came up with some visuals for a tv spot pitch


Basically, these last nine weeks have been a whirlwind of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, learning new things, and never having any down time at work and I am so grateful for that! Brokaw has exceeded my expectations of what an “intern” is supposed to be. I never thought that I would be doing actual client work my first day on the job. I never expected to be valued as a full member of a creative team. I never imagined to get so much knowledge and industry experience out of such a short time here while having an absolute blast.

But I did. And it rocked.

I took a leap of faith when I turned down a few full-time job offers to test out the waters at Brokaw with an internship. It was the best leap I’ve ever taken. I expected to sit in on some meetings, help out with some small designs, get coffee when needed, and learn a little about agency life, even though I didn’t really expect to like the commercial advertising world.

What I actually gained was a love for agency life. As I interviewed my coworkers, I’ve heard people who love the business and people who warned me to get out of it while I still can. But I can’t. Now that I’ve had a taste of what goes on from day-to-day in an agency, I won’t turn back. I love the constant flux of clients. I love being able to work on six different brands in one day. I love working in an atmosphere where I’m surrounded by some of the most creative, intelligent, and incredibly big-hearted people in Cleveland. These brilliant misfits have become the people I look up to most right now as a young creative.

So thank you, everyone, for teaching me, challenging me, and allowing me to grow so much in ten short weeks. I owe you one.

When the half way point of the internship came around three weeks ago, the other broterns and I joked that “it’s all downhill from here.” But now I realize that it’s not. It’s actually the opposite. It’s time to take everything I learned and use it to find my path into the agency world, wherever that may lead me. It’s going to be a constant climb. I’ll never stop learning, growing, changing, failing, and trudging forward.

I can leave this internship and know that I’ve spent the best ten weeks of my post-grad career at the greatest agency in the world (not just according to their moms) and with the best supervisors I could have ever asked for. You’re seriously the best, Steve and Mike!

So thanks, Brokaw. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m so excited for next years’ broterns to take on this crazy, amazing place.

Til next week,