My time as a ‘brotern’ was life-altering.  No, I am not going to over-hype the experience just make a better story.  It simply was.  I remember my mindset on advertising before I knew about Brokaw.  I classified all of today’s advertisers into one group, only reflecting on the bad perpetuated by ads in our nation’s past.  This isn’t to say my classes didn’t teach an appreciation modern day advertising.  Rather, my mind couldn’t move past the industry’s historical injustices.

And then I met Gregg Brokaw.  As Gregg light-heartedly told me the in’s and out’s of him and his brother’s agency, my worldview on advertising was shaken a bit.  I finally met an honest group that was only interested in doing great work and having fun.  What I loved most about how they run things at Brokaw was they never take themselves too seriously.  Their work is edgy, hilarious, and memorable.  Most importantly, they’re passionate about outwitting their competition, not outspending them.  I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to intern as a junior art director up in their creative department.

Over the course of the past ten weeks, I have gotten my feet wet in such a diverse set of work.  Just to name a few: University Hospitals, First Merit Bank, Cayman Jack, Great Lakes Brewing Co., American Greetings, RTA, and a myriad of decks for new business pitches.  I’ve gotten to search through imagery for commercials, layout print ads, and mockup product proposals.  The faith Brokaw has in their interns was astounding to me.  It takes a lot of courage and confidence in your staff to be able to treat your interns like any other employee.  Because of that trust, my admiration and passion for great advertising has grown tenfold and I can proudly say that I now have what it takes to work at an agency. Thank you Brokaw.