I have such an appreciation for the people here and what they do.  Y’all are creative yet structured, professional yet silly.

I witnessed great advertising develop from start to finish. I watched as ideas were brought to life, analyzed, sculpted, revised, analyzed again, and presented.

My summer was full of changes. I moved to Cleveland. Joined an improv class. Ate my way through Lakewood. Looking back now this summer was a total success, and I have brokaw and its brilliant employees to thank. So again, thank you to everyone who made my internship special, especially Jess T and Tim L.

It’s a well-known fact that the interns clicked really well and I believe it’s because this place radiates creativity and positive vibes unlike any other agency in Cleveland. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work in a place that produced complex, witty advertising.

People keep asking me if I liked agency life and to be completely honest, I can’t imagine working in any other setting. Thanks for making an impression on me. Y’all are truly an incredible bunch.