This week has been extremely busy and very interesting. When I wasn’t researching possible target markets or where and when it’s acceptable to use profanity in an ad, I was investigating guerrilla advertising. If you aren’t familiar with this term, do yourself a favor and go to this website:

The 80 Best Guerilla Marketing Ideas I’ve Ever Seen

Mind blowing, right? Good.

My personal favorite is the “Need A New Barbeque” ad. Using something simple, like a run-off grate, and transforming it into a barbeque is genius. A run-off grate is something that we all see, and are located almost everywhere. They are so common; we often don’t even notice them. Transforming the grate into a BBQ with a spatula grabs the attention of passerbys in high-traffic environments, giving Vijay Sales the awareness they’re seeking.

I love guerrilla advertising because it offers new, creative ways for an audience to experience a brand. If done right, it creates awesome buzz, contributing to the volume of the conversation surrounding the brand through word of mouth, social sharing, public relations attention and more. Plus, it’s exciting and fresher than that prince from Bel Air.