I’m sitting here trying to think of something to write about for this week’s blog, but one of Krista’s cupcakes is staring me in the face. By the way, it’s 10 minutes after 9:00AM. Cupcakes for breakfast – booyah! It’s so pretty. I think I’ll eat it and think about this blog a bit more.


The cupcake was delicious. (Krista – thanks for baking cupcakes; Jack – thanks for having a birthday so Krista could bake cupcakes, and Happy Birthday!) Good news, I thought of a topic for this week’s blog: company culture.

Who says cupcakes aren’t brain food? Just like a delicious cupcake, it takes the right ingredients, time and work to develop awesome company culture. It’s so important to have a great team with a common goal and Brokaw has a great recipe: do what’s best for the business and our clients. In addition to this common goal, coworkers should be collaborative, positive, supportive, and of course, fun. When you spend 40+ hours a week with your coworkers, you want to truly enjoy their company.

I’ve only been at Brokaw for four weeks, but in that time I’ve been able to see how awesome the Brokaw culture is. If you want great company culture like Brokaw’s, you should simply follow this recipe:

1 cup of Intelligence: Brokaw employees are extremely smart. They’re witty and creative. It’s hard to imagine an ad agency without those traits, but Brokaw’s employees are the next level of intelligent. You have to be smart enough to know how to rise above the blah, blah, blah before you actually can.

3 tbsp. of Positivity: Brokaw’s employees radiate positivity. They smile constantly. During Jayme’s intern-view, she said, “Think about what you want to bring about.” It’s a great quote to live and work by.

8 oz. of Teamwork: If someone needs help, there’s always someone who has his or her back. I’ve witnessed this firsthand with the CPD team. There might be a deadline or an overwhelming amount of work, but someone is always willing to lend a hand. There is no job too little or too small for a Brokaw employee.

1 can of Whoop-Ass: When times get tough, Brokaw is tougher. The industry can be difficult but together; Brokaw keeps the positivity going and always ends up coming back stronger, ready to work towards the next goal or challenge.

½ cup of Hard Work: Everyone at Brokaw is team oriented, but they are self-motivated as well. Everything (and I mean everything) will get done, even if it takes staying at the office late or coming in early. Nobody at Brokaw is afraid of work. Or fun…

1 bag of Fun: If there’s one thing Brokaw employees know, it’s how work hard and play harder. The workday is full of people joking and laughing, or pulling pranks on each other or sharing a beer after a long week of meetings. This says a lot about this agency and the people they hire.

Mix these together and bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees, and you’ll get the perfect Brokaw culture. But for your own sake, please do not ingest.

willy wonka