It’s hard to believe, but my 10-week internship at Brokaw is coming to an end. Now, I’m equipped with some serious digital analytics skills, I’ve written actual social content for clients, and I’ve gotten to present to a room full of Brokaw employees – twice. It’s been a ton of learning and doing work in a short timeframe, and I’ve loved each and every glorious second. (Even the crazy week of data pulling where I thought my eyeballs finally gave in.)

The experience was awesome, but the people have been even better. The CPD team is a fun-tastic family, and I’m so glad I could learn from all of them. I want to give a brief thanks to each teammate because they made my internship so great:

Kelly – Thanks for proofing my intern blogs every week and letting me write on different social outlets. (I definitely showed my parents – at least they acted impressed.) Also, you have great advice on a multitude of subjects, and you’re the best writer I know.

Snjezana – You rock. Thanks for showing me the ropes on different things, letting me sit at your desk, and making jokes during the vendor calls. It’s been so fun working with you and talking about silly stuff, the invoices – not so fun. But I’d do them anytime you ask!

Krista – First, you’re a phenomenal cook/baker. That needed to be said. Second, thanks for being so nice to me, buying me coffee and lunch, taking me to the Pandora party, and making me go home even when I didn’t want to. You’re the coolest mom I know, and I’ve learned a lot from you and your media/life/foodie wisdom. “It’s all about the negosh.”

Jack –I can’t thank you enough for sharing your genius digital analytics skills with me and teaching me everything you did in the last 10 weeks. Thanks for putting up with my mistakes and tolerating my frequent question asking. (And filling out my internship form so I can graduate.) It’s been fun learning from you. I’m hoping one day I’ll have like 20% of the knowledge you have about digital. You’re the real MVP.

To everyone else I’ve gotten to speak to/work with/learn from, you’ve been amazing! I’ve loved working with you all, playing on your volleyball team, and just experiencing Brokaw life. The end is always bittersweet, but at least it’s going out with a bang (Thanks Brokaw Brothers for the Trolliday!) I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me beyond this internship – I have a feeling it’s going to be awesome. Thank you for everything Brokaw!

– Fozzy aka Lindsey