How boring is it to start off a speech/manifesto/blog with a quote? Let’s find out!

In her short story “Happy Endings,” Margaret Atwood wrote “So much for endings. Beginnings are always more fun.”

So true, Marge. With gems like that, I totally see why she landed the show on Hulu.

I’ve certainly had a fun first week at Brokaw. I wasn’t sure what to expect beforehand, so I tried to sneak a peek at agency life via the live bro-cam on, but that just gave me nightmares about sentient mannequins.

It really has been so nice to meet everyone. I’m so grateful to be spending my summer with such kind, funny people, for whom casual references to Bobby Fisher or “30 Rock” are as normal as saying hello in the mornings.

I’m really digging the excitement of agency life. So far I’ve sat in on meetings, listened to voiceovers, dined with the owners (thanks again, Tim and Gregg!), and watched the casting process for commercials (now in the running for my Favorite Thing Ever, just behind food court samples and movie trailers). Crammed between all of that, I’ve even done some writing of my own.

I have learned more about advertising in this one week than I have in years of sitting slack-jawed in front of the TV as commercials for Floam played. Who would’ve guessed?!*

Sincere thanks to Brokaw for an awesome beginning. I think I’m going to celebrate with another new start: bingeing “The Handmaid’s Tale” until I can’t see straight. After that, though, I’m pumped to come back on Monday and see what next week brings.

Until then (and no spoilers please),


*Literally everyone