I’m a sore loser, I’m too competitive, and I’m the middle child. That should be a fair enough preamble as to why I’ll be focusing on Cleveland sports for this post. Sports are arguably the truest form of competition and taking things too seriously.

This has been a rough week for us in the 216/440/330 region.  I don’t want to talk about the Cavs, the defending American League champion-Indians are 3-7 in their last 10 games, and Myles Garrett, the first overall pick for the Browns (we still have a football team) injured his foot.

Now is about the time where I would grab my ball and go home so nobody else could play anymore, followed by drowning myself in Capri Suns.  As I’ve gotten older (yesterday was my 27th birthday) I’ve found that there is always more to learn after a loss.  Adjustments to be made, changes to be implemented, and juice packs to be properly recycled.  Fall down seven times stand up eight and all that.

That’s where we can learn from perpetual losers like LeBron James and Michael Jordan, the two best basketball players ever (I’ll let you rank them in order yourself).  LeBron is now 3-5 in his Finals repertoire. MJ didn’t even make it to a Finals appearance until his seventh season.   They appreciated their setbacks for what they were worth and pushed upwards and onwards. All you need is time.

Take Samsung for example.  Everybody now knows that the Note 7 should have been sold together with a fire extinguisher.  As the failure arose they eventually halted production, recalled the line, and sought out the cause of the malfunctions.  Now, Samsung touts a “Committed to Quality” campaign focusing on an 8-point battery safety check, featuring in-depth looks of the actual testing standards.  Nine months after this setback the Samsung brand is listed as #3 in the world by Brandirectory.com and their stock price is the highest it’s ever been in company history.

Losing is impossible to avoid in life. On the same day That-Team-Out-West has their victory parade, LeBron is already back in the gym…and he shaved his head.  After battling losing his hair, he finally lost it all. The entire league should be on notice now.  Maybe this losing thing isn’t so bad after all.

Hoping the only thing you lose this weekend is your stress,

Your undefeated friends at Brokaw