There are a few sure signs that summer has arrived: Instagram radiates with pictures of sunsets, people constantly look 18% sweatier, and little kids shill for sugary messes they dare call lemonade.

Of course, there’s one more, and that’s the uptick in explosions and car chases playing at a theater near you. As summer is upon us, so is the season of the blockbuster.

The year 2017 AD is no different from summers past. You can catch Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson patrolling the beach in Baywatch or Mark Wahlberg in the latest Transformers movie Michael Bay churned out.

But if the traditional blockbuster doesn’t appeal to you and all of the screenings of The Emoji Movie are sold out, then I suggest some branded programming.

Intel kicked off this trend in 2012 with their six episode series “The Beauty Inside,” which told the tale of Alex, a man who wakes up as someone new every day, a quality that complicates things when he falls in love. With a bevy of actors playing Alex, the only way to identify him is by the Toshiba laptop he carries around.

More recently, other companies have ventured forth with content in this same vein.

Toyota created their newest cinema ads with an emphasis on entertainment and a healthy dose of “Black Mirror” vibes. A Spanish bank won the Entertainment Lion Grand Prix at Cannes for their 17-minute movie that questions if money or experiences are worth more. Carrie Brownstein created a short film for Kenzo about the weird things people say on the internet.

All of these “commercials” are noteworthy because they chose an extended narrative that subtly weaves in the product over a straightforward sell. It’s advertising for the cinephile, and like any movie, it starts a conversation.

But if engaging in all that sounds too exhausting, The Mummy is in theaters now. SPOILER ALERT: everything explodes.