The Fourth of July was a few days ago, which means you might still be hung over from all that Toby Keith music or, you know, actual alcohol— the perfect complement to all of those super hazardous fireworks.

Since those patriotic endorphins are still coursing through your body, what better time to check in on one of the most American restaurant chains out there: KFC.

If you’re wondering what qualifies it as “most American,” I could point out that the acronym stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken or that it’s founded by a man named Colonel Harland Sanders. Really, though, I just need to remind you of the Double Down and I think I’ve made myself clear.

Even at 70 years old, KFC is always innovating and forging new paths—kind of like the grandpa in Jurassic Park. In celebration of National Fried Chicken Day on July 6 (how did your family celebrate? Let us know in the comments!!!), KFC and Wieden + Kennedy made an animatronic Colonel Sanders to take orders at the drive-thru.

It seems goofy, but the H.A.R.L.A.N.D. (short for Human Assisted Robotic Linguistic Animatronic Networked Device) has been tested at a real location and really is a rather impressive display of AI technology.

In a more low-tech move, a KFC in Saskatoon—the first franchise location to bless Canada’s soil—temporarily renamed itself to K’ehFC. Not only are they paying homage to those Canucks’ most adorable verbal tic, but also celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday (Damn, Canada, I wouldn’t put you a day past 125).

So what can we learn from KFC’s recent advertising hits? There’s the reinterpretation of a mascot using modern technology, a publicity stunt, and a sense of humor running through it all.

Cheers to the red and white (and okay, blue, if we’re keeping it in line with the ol’ USA).