I was planning on cranking out a post about Amazon Prime Day, the insane event that led to astronomical sales, a nationwide decrease in productivity, and millions of new Prime memberships.

Then Beyoncé posted a birth announcement to Instagram celebrating her new twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, and nothing else seemed to matter.

And that’s coming from me—I’m not a card-carrying member of the Beyhive, wading through Cedars-Sinai’s medical waste bin to snag a pair of scrubs that might have been in the same room as the twins.

However, I am in awe of Beyoncé. I cannot believe one person has had such a prolific career, and I think this video of her walking has the power to make bald men practice flipping their nonexistent hair in the bathroom mirror.

At this point, Beyoncé has ascended beyond mere mortal. She is her own brand. What’s strange is that she’s gotten to this point by eschewing the rules of celebrity.

B almost never talks to the press—and why would she? She takes control of her own stories. Any magazine would’ve given the head of Graydon Carter on a silver platter for even the smallest detail about Jay-Z’s (yes, everyone, we’re back to the hyphen) infidelity. Instead, Beyoncé kept it all to herself and then turned it into fodder for Grammys.

Instead of doing a big press release about pregnancies or new albums, she just posts on her Instagram with minimal captions and lets the Botticelli-influenced images do the talking.

She takes her time producing albums, but when she does give them to the world, they’re instantly platinum selling and spawn one million think pieces and win all the awards.

In short: she’s pretty much the best at advertising. Like any truly great brand she stays on message, controls her message, and keeps her message simple. She doesn’t make her logo bigger or bore us with a litany of attributes (ahem, Kanye). She just carefully (some might say, strategically) parses out only the best possible content and then lays back in the cut, staying oh so mysterious, and keeping her audience (see: the world) constantly intrigued and tuned in—waiting for the moment when she’ll blow our minds yet again.

Basically, every brand should aspire to be like Queen Bey. And if you want to steal more tips from her, there are several (unauthorized) biographies on Amazon, although you might want to wait. They’ll be cheaper next Prime Day.