Oh man, it feels like just yesterday that I was writing my first blog and waxing poetic about The Handmaid’s Tale (it was really good, not that you asked or anything). I can’t believe how quickly these ten weeks have passed.

This experience has truly been a crash course in good advertising. I’ve watched projects go through every stage, from conception to execution. Seeing the whole creative process has made me completely admire everyone who works here. The collaborative aspect of advertising will always amaze me— like how Kelsey can take something I wrote and make it look beautiful and turn it into something that’s real. It’s insane that there are this many talented people working for one agency—it almost seems unfair.

I’m so grateful that I got to learn from these people, especially Steve and Mark. They were so kind and welcoming, beginning with my interview to even get this position. They’ve taken every possible negative stereotype about advertising (i.e. everything people saw on Mad Men) and turned it on its head. Their patience and willingness to teach was so important and basically the reason I learned everything that I did. Also, they’re really funny.

Special shoutout to Mark here for editing these sweet, sweet blizzies.

The culture of this place is unreal and unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of. Congrats to Gregg and Tim for making their agency such a fun, cool place to work. I could back up my evidence with anecdotes about playing videogames at work or kicking off the weekend with free beer, but it all sounds too good to be true and you probably wouldn’t even believe me anyway.

So thanks to everyone who has taught me what an acronym stands for or showed me how to work the phones or provided me with breakfast on a Friday. Something that kept coming up in our internviews was this place is so great because of the people. After my internship experience, I couldn’t agree more.

As for me? I think I’m going to start watching Glow on Netflix. I’ve heard good things.

Until next time, Brokaw.